Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA)

Visit our clinic in Brampton to find out how healthy you are with a Comprehensive Health Assessment.


Comprehensive Health Assessment in Brampton

Blood Pressure
Comprehensive Health Assessment in Brampton

Surface EMG
Comprehensive Health Assessment in Brampton

Surface EMG
Comprehensive Health Assessment in Brampton

Gait Scan

Download the pre-assessment instructions (PDF)Click here to download the pre-assessment instructions.


Discover How Healthy You Are

Take advantage of this unique opportunity at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic to have an objective look at key indicators of your health.

Our comprehensive health assessment includes:


  1. Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  2. Body Composition Analysis
  3. Surface Electromyography (sEMG)
  4. Gait Scan
  5. Five Functional Assessments


What’s Involved in the (CHA)?

Prior to visiting us at the clinic, you will be required to complete a few simple steps to prepare for the CHA. The pre-assessment preparation is important as it will ensure the results of the assessments are as accurate as possible.

Once you arrive at the clinic, one of our skilled health practitioners will assist you in identifying any areas of your physical health that may be of concern. These issues can range widely, including acute or long-term pain and discomfort, limitation or restriction of movement, recovery from injury, and improvement of personal nutrition, fitness, and body image.

During this process, you will be encouraged to identify short and long-term goals for improving these areas of your health.

Next, the health practitioner will lead you through a series of assessments. These objective assessments reveal areas where you may improve your overall health and wellness.

Health teaching is provided throughout the assessment.

Finally, the findings are put together for you in an easy to understand, comprehensive report. Referrals to appropriate health practitioners are then made for you to address any areas of concern and help you take the steps to meet your health and wellness goals.

The CHA will provide you with a menu of options that can help “mend you back to better health“.

What Will the CHA Tell You About Your Health?

Blood Pressure: Your blood pressure and heart rate are indicators of your cardiovascular health. Healthy lifestyle choices regarding nutrition and activity are essential to achieve and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

On-site physiotherapy and personal training resources can assist you in improving your fitness, while massage therapy can provide the benefits of relieving stress and tension.

Body Composition Analysis: This simple, non-invasive procedure involves the placement of electrode pads on your ankles while you rest comfortably. Within a few minutes, the machine is able to determine your percentage of lean body mass (i.e., muscle), fat, and hydration, as well as a few other measurements.

These measurements are helpful as they can guide you towards making various lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. Nutrition counseling, laser fat loss treatments, and access to top quality nutrition supplements are provided at our clinic, making it easy and convenient for you to improve these areas of your health.

Surface Electromyography (sEMG): This is a non-invasive test that involves looking at the electromagnetic activity of your muscles while they are “static” (not moving) and while they are “dynamic” (moving).

Is your body balanced? Are your muscles working to the best of their abilities to provide support and stability to your skeletal structure? This assessment will provide answers to these questions.

Our clinic offers several services that can help you improve your health in this area:

Gait Scan: This is a non-invasive, computerized scan that measures and assesses your foot mechanics when walking. It detects any unusual foot functioning that may be affecting the rest of your body.

Aches and pains in the feet, knees, hips, and back can be related to something as simple as the way your feet support the weight of your body. Clients experiencing symptoms such as foot pain, bunions, arch/heel pain, leg/knee pain, or hip/back pain may benefit from this scan.

The information gathered during this simple scan will help to determine whether further intervention would be beneficial. Appropriate intervention may include the prescription of custom orthotics. These help to correct any foot imbalances, and restore proper alignment of the body when walking.

Our clinic offers chiropody services to help you address any of these issues.

Functional Assessments: Our health practitioner will guide you through a series of movements that assess your range of motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Health services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care can provide effective treatment approaches to improving any areas of concern.

Post-Assessment Process: Upon completion of the CHA, you will be provided with copies your results and a comprehensive summary of the findings.

A follow-up appointment can be booked following your assessment, during which our health practitioner will explain your results and present the treatment options that will best help you reach your goals for health and wellness.

Interested in improving your health and wellness? Take those positive steps to “mend back to better health” and call or email us to schedule your FREE Comprehensive Health Assessment today!

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