Baby Massage Classes

We offer baby massage classes at 188 Main St. South in Brampton, or in your own home.

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Baby Message Classes  Baby Message Classes  Baby Message Classes

BodyMend Baby Massage Classes – It’s Baby Massage at Its Best!

The BodyMend Wellness Clinic brings the best in better health to your baby through these instructional classes offered to parents and caregivers of babies.

Learn how to use safe, specialized massage strokes on your baby, to bring a variety of health benefits to your special little one.

We offer these classes on-site OR we can come to you!


Why Take Baby Massage Classes at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic?

Learning safe and specialized techniques to massage baby gives you a unique opportunity to promote baby’s health and wellbeing, right from the start. Just like an adult, babies have many physical, emotional and social health needs – and the simple benefits obtained through nurturing touch can help to support all of these areas.

Techniques for baby massage can be learned through print materials, videos, online classes, and community programs. However, the benefit to attending baby massage classes is the ability to participate in an interactive, “hands-on” experience. If you enjoy personalized instruction, and a “hands-on” approach to learning, these classes offered by experienced, certified infant massage teachers (CIMT) can provide just that.

The best time to give massage to babies varies for every family. Babies also have preferences for what types of massage techniques they enjoy. One of the key benefits to attending a structured class is to learn a variety of nurturing touch massage techniques, and use them to develop a routine that works best for baby.

The BodyMend Baby massage classes provide participants with “hands-on” learning, teaching massage techniques at a comfortable pace. By taking these classes, parents and other caregivers (such as grandparents, other family members, or friends) have a unique opportunity to learn health and wellness-promoting skills that can enhance their bonding and attachment with baby. What better way to invest in the health and wellbeing of your baby?

Start building a healthy foundation for your baby, right from the start. Register for the BodyMend massage classes. Your baby will thank you.

Our Group Classes

  • Interactive, small group instruction led by a certified infant massage teacher with over 13 years of experience specializing in the field of child and reproductive health
  • 3 one hour, interactive, hands-on learning sessions covering the essentials of using baby massage to promote the health and wellbeing of your baby
  • A baby massage kit (inclusive of a natural fruit/vegetable based oil, helpful print resources, booklet of baby massage strokes learned in the series)
  • BONUS class available with special routines to use for common issues including colic/gas, congestion, and teething

*Group classes require a minimum of 3 registrants to run.

Group series are offered for only $50.00 (HST included). Private series are available for $65.00 (HST included).

Interested? Fill out this form to contact us with inquiries or for registration details.

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