Rehabilitative Care through WSIB

Helping you navigate the process of seeking rehabilitative care through WSIB at our Brampton health and wellness clinic.

If you have been injured at work and your employer provides, or is required to provide, Worker’s Compensation (also known as Workplace Safety and Insurance Benefits), you can apply to have the cost of your rehabilitative treatments covered.

To receive coverage for your health service treatments through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), it is important that you complete certain steps and documents prior to visiting our health clinic.

First and foremost, in order to receive coverage you must make a report to WSIB within 6 months of your injury.

Steps and Documentation Required Prior to Visiting Us:

It is important to know that it can take some time to receive approval through WSIB. However, delays in seeking rehabilitative treatment for your injuries can lengthen the time it will take to recover and return to the workplace.

To expedite the process of having your claim approved it is very important that you report your injuries to WSIB as soon as possible. If you would like all aspects of your rehabilitative treatment to be covered through WSIB, you will need to have their approval prior to booking an initial assessment at our clinic.

The following are the steps to get claim approval:

  1. Notify your employer about your injury. Ask your employer to complete a Form 7 and fax it to WSIB quickly.
  2. Visit your family doctor. Ask your doctor to complete a Form 8 and fax it to WSIB.
  3. Once WSIB gets those two forms you will receive a Form 6 in the mail, which you must complete and fax to WSIB.
  4. Contact WSIB on a weekly basis to check on the status of your claim number. Once a claim number has been assigned to you, you will be assigned an adjudicator and a nurse case manager. Write down their names and extension numbers for your records.
  5. Continue to contact the adjudicator until your physiotherapy claim is approved.
  6. Once you have the above information, you should be able to have the cost of your treatments at our clinic covered through WSIB.

WSIB Phone Number: 1-888-606-7676

If You Want to Start Rehabilitative Treatment Before Your Claim is Approved:

You can choose to start treatment before your claim is approved; however, you will be required to pay our standard therapy rates for each appointment. If you have Extended Health Benefits through your workplace, you may be able to have your treatments covered using these benefits before your WSIB coverage is approved.

Once your claim approval is confirmed, we will start to bill WSIB for your treatment as of that date. Payment for any treatment already received will not be reimbursed.

What to Expect at Your Initial Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Appointment

During your appointment, our health practitioner will complete a health assessment and develop a treatment plan to help you in your recovery. This plan will be tailored to your specific injuries and health needs.

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