Rehabilitation Therapy

Allow us to help you on your way to rehabilitation and recovery from injuries at our clinic in Brampton.

Physical injuries are experienced all of the time in our lives, whether in the home, community, or workplace. They can range from minor sprains and strains, to major injuries that require surgery or intensive rehabilitative therapy.

For optimal recovery from injury, it is important to receive and follow the guidance of health practitioners who are skilled in rehabilitative therapies.

At the BodyMend Wellness Clinic, our interdisciplinary team of skilled and professional health practitioners work collaboratively with clients who have experienced injury through a variety of means.

Visit us if you are seeking:

Our practitioners help to identify areas of concern, and create a plan for healing and recovery that works.

In addition to the use of traditional active and passive care modalities (i.e., ultrasound, TENS), our clinic is able to provide advanced therapeutic treatment options to our clients, including cold laser therapy and spinal decompression therapy.

Whether an injury is minor or major, our goal is to help support our clients with the rehabilitation process, and mend them back to better health. Book your appointment with our health practitioners to start you on the road to recovery.


Rehabilitation Therapy in Brampton


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