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You Can’t Get a Prescription for Erotic Massage

See if you can spot the commonality between these corporate trade names: Obsession, Atlantis, Destiny, Escape, Utopia. These exotic-sounding businesses are all “massage parlours” right here in the Brampton area. What are these names missing that names like BodyMend, Sage Health and Wellness, or Continuum Wellness imply? If you guessed healing and wellness you’d be right.


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We won’t get into the specific differences between erotic and therapeutic massages here (the Internet can help you with that), but suffice it to say that BodyMend and other clinics that employ registered massage therapists only practice therapeutic massage techniques, designed to relieve muscle soreness and tension and promote healing and wellness.

While erotic massages clearly have their place between consenting – and hopefully non-paying – adults, it is highly unlikely your physician will ever write you a prescription for anything but therapeutic massage. It is definitely worth getting that prescription, as many extended health care programs cover therapeutic massage.

In Ontario, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario regulates massage therapists. Nearly all extended medical coverage (EMC) benefit plans will only cover treatments from registered massage therapists (RMTs). In the coming weeks, we’ll cover how to easily spot the differences between erotic/exotic and therapeutic massage providers, but here are some great tips for finding a pro from group insurer Manulife:

The therapist should be willing to conduct a preliminary interview with you. A professionally trained massage therapist will expect and welcome the opportunity to discuss their practice and answer all of your questions, before booking an appointment. As a health care service provider, they want to be sure that their services are the right fit for your needs and there are no pre-existing problems that need to be considered and accommodated.

The therapist should be certified by a provincial massage therapy association. If they are operating in British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland/ Labrador, they are required to have their licensing information and certification on display in the office.

The massage therapist should carry malpractice and liability insurance. Should something occur during treatment, it is essential to know that their services are insured and that they are prepared for unforeseen problems and complications (

Once you’ve received a prescription for massage therapy from your doctor, check with your employer’s group benefits administrator to see what benefits are remaining on your coverage plan in order to make the most out of your program. This small investment in time can pay big dividends in health and wellness.

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