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The Value of Stretching

Value of StretchingBy: Rob Rossi, Active Care Specialist

Daily stretching is just as important as exercise. When strengthening muscles they can become tight, so we must stretch them to help them return to their regular state. Ideally, we’d like to go a step further with stretching to increase the overall flexibility and correct muscle imbalances.

Naturally, most of us have muscle tightness due to daily activities, prolonged positions, injuries, stress, inactivity, and work. Tight muscles can progressively create issues in the body which can affect the components of the joints, nerves, and soft tissue. Our muscles are constantly working hard, so it is necessary to give them time to relax and reduce in tension.

Everyone has stress and will suffer the negative effects. Stress causes our muscles to contract and become tense for long periods, which restricts necessary blood flow. The main areas this can have negative effects on are the upper/lower back, neck, and shoulders. Stress increases the levels of cortisol in our bodies, creating negative health implications. 

So, how exactly does stretching help?

Stretching can be very relaxing for the body, mind, and soul if done correctly. As a result, we will enjoy ourselves more with reduced stress.

Stretching enables natural endorphins to be released by the body that help combat stress. Endorphins act to enhance mood and alleviate pain or discomforts. Stretching also increases blood circulation which in turn helps to flush out toxins. It also helps improve flexibility, and correct posture.


Stretching Workshop at BodyMend

Join me for an inspiring and interactive information session on stretching for stress relief.

Learn about, and try out, some simple stretch techniques that you can practice at home or in the workplace for stress management.

Date: November 14th and November 28th, 2013

Time: 6:30-7:00pm

Location: BodyMend Wellness Clinic, 188 Main St. South, Brampton.

Registration: Email us at

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