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The Importance of Being Hydrated

While the water composition of the average person can vary greatly with their physiology, 95% of your brain is made of water. Even your hard-working lungs are 90% water. Water is essential to the balance of all the body’s systems, including the heart and lungs, brain, and every muscle in the body. Even a 2% drop in body water can cause your brain to shrink in size, reducing concentration and critical thinking skills.


Dehydration can also result in decreased athletic performance; less strength and lower endurance. Milder dehydration can also make you feel tired, impair digestion and unbalance the body’s electrolytes. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that almost 75% of North America’s population suffers from chronic mild dehydration. Most people over-estimate the amount of water they consume, and often think they’ve had enough when they have not.

Water has a variety of health benefits including healthier skin, healthier teeth and bones (via fluoride added to municipal water), healthier joints, better digestion and the aforementioned improvements in concentration.

So, the question is, are you hydrated enough? If you’ve reached a plateau in your workout program, if you experience frequent headaches, or any of the aforementioned health problems, you might not be getting enough water. There is one way to find out. Come in to Body Mend in June for a free hydration analysis with the RJL Quantum IV Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer.

RJL Systems is the originator and innovator of modern Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for professional body composition. For over 35 years, RJL BIA has been trusted by leading practitioners and researchers all over the world. In that time, BIA has been featured in over 2000 scientific articles and published peer-reviewed research studies. RJL Quantum BIA analyzers have been cleared by the FDA as Class II medical device, with software serving ages 3-94.

Preparing for your BIA

  1. Do not consume alcohol for 12 hours before the test
  2. Do not consume caffeine (coffee, tea, ‘energy’ drinks, soda pop) for 8 hours before the test
  3. Do not exercise or take a sauna 8 hours before the test
  4. Notify your BIA technician if you have engaged in any of the activities listed above.

Once you are in the testing room

  1. Remove any metal and/or magnetic jewelry, therapeutic magnets, communication devices, and cellphone away from the body
  2. Remove your right shoe and sock or nylon stocking
  3. Remove any objects from your right wrist and hand

Take advantage of booking a free RJL test at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic for the month of June.  Simply contact us through or call 905-456-8196 to schedule your free test