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Stretching to Promote Spinal Health and Reduce Pain

Stretching for Pain Relief

In this post, Rob Rossi, our Active Care Specialist, gives some tips about how proper stretching promotes spinal health.

The muscles in the spine are responsible for keeping the spine upright, strong, and supportive. When under the influence of various physical stressors, muscles can tighten and create limitations to movement and function of the spine.

As a health practitioner working with physiotherapy clients, I have seen a significant difference in healing time for those with good muscle flexibility compared to those with poor. Stretching for Pain Relief

Daily stretching of the neck and low back muscles is a pro-active way in which everyone can benefit their health. Daily stretching promotes the flexibility and function of these muscles, helping to prevent pain and injury.

Muscles are designed to have a high degree of elasticity. We are prone to losing this slowly due to physical restrictions or demands placed on us from work, injury, sports, gravity, and stress.

When there is pain in a specific spinal area like the neck or low back, the muscles will tense up to try and guard the region and minimize movement. In turn, the increase in muscular tension increases the pain experienced.

Tense muscles can cause the spine to be pulled into an abnormal position. If left untreated, the muscles remain tight and restriction of movement develops, impacting long-term wellness and functioning.  By promoting the release of this tension, such as with simple focused stretches, pain and discomfort can be decreased and a healthier position or posture of the spine encouraged.

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