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Special June Promotion: 40% Off Cold Laser Therapy Fat Loss Treatments

Accelerate your fat loss

Do you want to lose those stubborn inches?

Cold laser therapy is an innovative new way to boost your fat loss efforts; it’s non-invasive, pain-free, and effective!

Often, our patients see results from this treatment after just two weeks of three treatments/week. During the 40 minute sessions, you get to relax while the fat cells are “dispersed”. Essentially, the cold laser helps the body’s natural detoxification processes flush out the fat cells faster than is typical without the treatment.

It’s safe, and it really does accelerate your fat loss efforts. This treatment is proven to be effective when used to complement lifestyle changes (like eating healthy and exercising). It won’t magically get rid of fat on its own – nothing is that easy!

But it will speed up the process if you’re doing the right things.

At BodyMend, we offer FREE cold laser therapy fat loss consultations.

During June, we are also offering our cold laser therapy treatment packages at a 40% discount. It’s a great deal, only available this month!

So if you’ve been trying to get rid of fat but needed the extra push, we hope you’ll take advantage of our special promotion.

If you want more information about maximizing your fat loss results with cold laser therapy, you can also attend our free June workshop, Cold Laser Fat Loss: How to Maximize Your Results. Get the event details here!

>> Book a FREE consultation, or purchase your 40% off treatment package with BodyMend today!

Accelerate your fat loss

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