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Posture Correction is a Stretch

Last week we looked at how  poor posture can not only make someone look sad or depressed, but that it can also create other serious health problems, including poor circulation, nerve pain and even disc degeneration.  This week we’re going to show you some ways to improve the poor posture that often results form extended periods of sitting; at a desk, in a car, or at home relaxing.

Sitting creates muscle imbalances and tightness in the hamstrings, which can torque the pelvis backward creating low-back pain. In the videos below, clinic director Jason Hensen shows you some simple exercises that will help reduce pain in the low-back, neck, and shoulders; the three most common sites of pain and irritation treated by BodyMend.




Just doing these two simple stretches can help to alleviate pain in the low-back, neck, and shoulders. Often though, postural correction requires some greater intervention through massage, chiropractic care, or physiotherapy. If your body is in pain, book an appointment at BodyMend by calling us or emailing so that can help mend your body and bring you back to better health.

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