Physiotherapy to Promote Fitness and Prevent Injury

FitnessBy: Roxanne Mathews, RPT, ATC, CCAMA

Most people recognize physiotherapy as a health discipline that is used to decrease pain, increase range of motion and strength, and restore normal functions of everyday life following an injury, surgery, or other physical condition. However, a component of physiotherapy that is not as well-known is the general fitness, strength, and wellbeing for the prevention of injuries. 

Here at BodyMend, we employ active care specialists and physiotherapy assistants with expertise in general strengthening and conditioning.  Upon first visiting with us, you will meet with our physiotherapist who will work with you to determine your goals, based on your own lifestyle needs.

You may want to tone your legs, develop core strength, lessen the needed therapy following an up-coming surgery, learn a stretching program to enhance your sport or everyday walking program, or maybe just start back into an active lifestyle after having been away from it for quite some time. Our team at BodyMend can help you to achieve those goals and more! 

Benefits of Physiotherapy to Promote Wellness and Prevent Injury

The benefits of a general wellness training and injury prevention program in a physiotherapy clinic, as opposed to in a community gym, is that your program is supervised and progressed by professionals who have taken extensive university training in anatomy, physiology, and exercise. 

You will benefit from supportive feedback and education regarding your muscles, body systems, and how they work. Our professionals will cater to you, your sport, and your individual goals.

Depending on your goals, our staff is educated on starting you with the basics, or engaging you in a challenging program for the more advanced. You will also gain understanding behind an exercise program that you can carry with you for years to come.

Here, you not only receive an exercise program, but education on how best to use your abilities to enhance your physical wellbeing and prevent injuries.

Have questions about exercise?  Haven’t exercised in a while and interested in getting back into it but just don’t know where to start?  Let us help you!

>> Call us here at Bodymend to book an initial physiotherapy assessment. It could be the first step in achieving your exercise and injury prevention goals!

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