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Physiotherapy or Massage: What’s Right for You?

Every cell in the body requires oxygen and nutrients in order to function. These vital elements are transported throughout the body by the vascular system. When the vascular system is constricted due of injury or inflammation, oxygen and nutrient flow is impeded, which starts a vicious circle of inflammation and constriction, causing additional pain at the site of injury and slowing healing.

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Massage therapy has been used for almost four thousand years to relieve pain and promote healing. Massage’s primary mechanism of action is to increase blood flow to the injured area. As recent research suggests, massage may even be able to trigger healing at the cellular level through a process called mechanotransduction, where cells convert mechanical stimulus into biochemical activity by inducing the synthesis of enzymes, neurotransmitters or structural proteins.

Deep tissue massage involves advanced massage techniques used by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) to work deeper into the body’s soft tissue layers.

BodyMend’s RMTs use a combination of deep pressure, kneading, squeezing, and stretching to maximize the treatment of tight, restrictive muscles and to promote tissue healing, pain reduction, and increased relaxation. Deep tissue massage can be particularly helpful for individuals who suffer from muscle stiffness and tension due to injury, people whose jobs force them to maintain a static position (either seated or standing) for long periods, or athletes and fitness buffs who want to enhance their performance and take proactive steps for preventing injury. 

Physiotherapy works in a similar way to massage, by stretching and strengthening damaged muscle and connective tissue to promote an increased range of motion and blood flow. This improved blood flow results in reduced inflammation and reduced pain. Physiotherapy may also stimulate the body’s descending pain pathways releasing inhibitory neurotransmitters to reduce the brain’s sensation of pain, and allowing pinched or damaged nerves to heal.

Physiotherapy provides a way for Body Mend’s team to evaluate, maintain, and restore optimal physical health function. All physiotherapy treatment plans at our Brampton clinic are customized to best meet the health needs of our clients. Our physiotherapy practitioners work collaboratively with our patients and our interdisciplinary team of health professionals to provide them with the best, most comprehensive care to meet their unique health needs.

When used as adjunctive therapies, physiotherapy and deep tissue massage can provide a total rehabilitation program that works to improve circulation, range of motion, and healing at the cellular level.

Visit us at BodyMend for an assessment with our interdisciplinary health team and start receiving the healing benefits of BodyMend’s healing hands as soon as possible. 

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