Physiotherapy and Personal Training for Youth & Adolescents

Personal Fitness Training

In this post, Rob Rossi, our Active Care Specialist and Personal Trainer, explains how physiotherapy and personal training can promote health for youth and adolescents.

It is important to start building a healthy, positive attitude and lifestyle at a young age. The sooner we start, the better our lives may become.

We learn things faster when we are young and our bodies adapt more easily. Young people can become flexible at an early age and maintain that good flexibility into their senior years, if they continue to practice. As we age, our muscles become tighter, as they’re constantly working.

Personal Fitness TrainingBuilding Positive Exercise Habits

The expertise and guidance from a physiotherapy team is a great way for youth and adolescents to learn proper techniques and safety considerations when exercising. Injury can naturally occur during sports and leisure activity, as well as by accident – however learning helpful tips to prevent injury is always beneficial.

As health professionals dealing with a wide variety of injuries and assisting with recovery, professionals such as physiotherapists, active care specialists, chiropractic doctors, and massage therapists know what to look for. We can help get youth (or anyone!) on the right path to exercise safely and prevent unnecessary injury.

Exercise can be done in many simple ways, even using our own bodyweight without needing any equipment.

Workouts can also be done using simple exercise bands, which are easy to travel with and don’t take up much space. Exercise balls allow for a variety of workouts as well, using minimal space.

You don’t need to have a membership at a gym!

Exercising improves fitness, self-confidence, and an overall sense of accomplishment. Once the workout is completed, our bodies feel great, as endorphins are released. It also helps rid the body of any toxins, and improves blood flow and lung capacity. Exercising clears the mind and gives that satisfaction that you’ve done something good for yourself.

All of these aspects are important to help youth and adolescents take pro-active steps to maintain their health now, and to promote and protect their health tomorrow.

Set a Good Example – Be an Active Parent

Youth and adolescents can be inspired to learn through positive role modeling. Staying active throughout the year is important. Be creative both indoors and outside. Take advantage of backyard space, local parks, and recreation areas 

Keep it simple and enjoyable. Get the kids involved, make it fun, have friendly competitions, create exercise games, the list goes on!

Teaching good health and wellness habits to your kids will only benefit them in the future.

On a Personal Note

I enjoy working with youth and educating them at an early age because I know good choices made in their personal health and wellness will help them have a bright future.

A lot of kids give up on careers too early and only realize how important it is when it’s too late. It’s harder to have a long, successful career if we are not healthy. Learning the benefits of being active and getting the support and tools necessary to exercise correctly and safely at a young age will give young people that jump start to make better health choices throughout life.

It will improve their overall lifestyle choices and decision making. It will also allow them to be able to do many physical activities and have more fun, as they will have more strength and better fitness.

As an Active Care Specialist and Personal Trainer, it gives me great satisfaction when I can make that difference! 

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