Chiropractic Care

Making the Most of Your Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic careHelp us help you… mend back to better health!

We value your patronage at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic. All members of our interdisciplinary team care that you receive the best service possible to help you mend back to better health.

We love that you visit us regularly to seek our health services, and would like to share a few helpful tips to help you make the most out of your visits with us. 

Here are a few tips for when you visit us for chiropractic care:

Begin Your Visits at Reception

When you begin your visit with us at reception, our administration team enjoy being able to share their knowledge and expertise in helping you receive personalized, professional, and caring service. 

They’ll help you stay on track with your scheduled appointments by providing you with reminder calls, and letting you know about special promotions or events happening within the clinic.

They can contact your extended health care or insurance provider, on your behalf, to help you better understand and maximize your benefit coverage for health products and services with us. 

Arrive before your scheduled appointment with enough time to check in. While you are greeted by our administration team, you are welcome to take the time to enjoy a complimentary cup of green tea.

Do your best to ensure required documents are completed and submitted as requested.

From Our Chiropractic Doctor

We love providing you with:

Multiple treatment modalities and options to help you on your road to better health

  • A hands-on and personal approach
  • Expertise in areas that can enhance your service, including: exercise therapy, active care, weight training, nutrition, and sports/athletics

Want to Get Even Better Service? 

  • Arrive a few minutes early to ensure that you receive the full time allotted for your treatment with the chiropractic doctor
  • Bring clothing attire that will facilitate care for the areas being treated (e.g. tank top, shorts, and/or loose fitting clothing)
  • Let the chiropractic doctor know, in order of priority, any specific concerns or issues you have so that your treatment can focus on helping to attain your personal health goals
  • Prepare your body for the appointment:
    • Eat before an acupuncture treatment
    • Book a massage prior to your chiropractic appointment if possible (this can help maximize the effectiveness of adjustments and other chiropractic treatments provided)
  • Expect that referrals will be made to other members of our interdisciplinary team, when appropriate, to help you work towards your health goals in an effective and efficient manner
  • For best results toward your health goals, follow the treatment protocols and suggestions provided by your chiropractic doctor

We will work with you to mend you back to better health.

>> BodyMend Wellness Clinic offers chiropractic care and a wide range of other health services. Book your appointment today.

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