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Make the Most of Your Massage

Therapeutic massages by a registered massage therapist typically range in cost from $80-100 per hour depending on which clinic you’re visiting. While this can represent very good “value” for people suffering from pain, it still represents a significant investment for many people.

Deep Tissue Massage

In order to get the most out of your massage treatment, it’s best to follow a few simple tips that will maximize the return on investment for your massage fee. Massage is all about relaxing the body and relaxing the mind, so it’s best to arrive early so that you don’t feel rushed. Ideally, you should book your massage at a time when you don’t have any firmly scheduled activities immediately afterward, so that you’re not forced to run off after the massage is over.

The old adage of dressing for success applies to massage as well. Wearing clothing that’s easy to remove will allow a less stressful disrobing and will take less time in the treatment room. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is also less likely to restrict the improved blood-flow that results from the massage itself.

Many BodyMend massage patients also utilize other wellness services as part of our comprehensive integrated health care services. If you’re receiving chiropractic care, or you are undergoing physiotherapy to address musculoskeletal imbalances or to heal a previous injury, you should coordinate your treatments to create the maximum complimentary benefit. For example, alternating chiropractic care and massage therapy treatments can be a good way to loosen facia and relax muscles to provide greater improvements in pain reduction and range of motion than either care option can achieve on its own.

Staying well hydrated pays numerous dividends in a variety of health and wellness areas; lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism, digestion, concentration and even energy levels. Maintaining good hydration can also improve the quality of your massage therapy, by making it easier for affected muscle cells to remove excess lactic acid or other toxins that may have been released through the mechanical action of the therapeutic massage. Ergo, drinking lots of water will yield less post-treatment soreness.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your massage therapist about your areas of concern or focus. Your RMT might be able to feel where your muscles are the tensest or ‘knotted’ but that doesn’t mean that other muscles aren’t just as great a concern. Tell them where it hurts.

Finally, be consistent. Massage only gets better the more regularly you see your therapist. They know your concerns, and through a systematic approach can help you progress towards your goals. You may be tempted to take advantage of massage ‘specials’ advertised on sandwich boards or Groupon-type sites, but remember that massage, like any other healthcare discipline, requires a highly personalized treatment approach. You wouldn’t change your doctor for each appointment, and you shouldn’t change your massage therapist once you’ve found one whose approach meets your needs. Find a good partner in health and work with them to feel better.

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