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How Good is Your Physiotherapist?

Between stomach-sleeping, distracted driving accidents, winter shoveling and the unrelenting torment of the aging human body, eventually most people could use the services of a good physiotherapist. Recovering from injury can be challenging, taking time, commitment and the expertise of trusted health care professionals to help mend you back to better health. You need a good physiotherapist, but without any formal medical training, how can the average person determine if they do in fact have a good physiotherapist?



Results speak for themselves, but typically a good physiotherapist will do the following;

  1. Listen to the client. Physiotherapists need to be good listeners. He or she will take the time to listen to their clients, and understand their specific needs, goals, and challenges. They also won’t be afraid to work cooperatively with other healthcare providers to provide a holistic treatment approach.
  2. Pursue opportunities for professional development. He or she will pursue ongoing professional development, taking a recognized leadership role in their respective field.
  3. Incorporate passive and active care in their treatment approach. A good Physiotherapist will be open to using well-researched, clinically-proven passive treatment methods on clients, but at the same time will be “hands-on” knowing that ultimately it’s the caring touch of a therapists hands that will provide the biggest improvement for the client.
  4. Have excellent communication skills. Your physiotherapist should have good verbal and written communication skills, and be open and friendly and consistently professional in their interactions with you as a client.
  5. Provide measurable progress with ongoing treatment. Do you see improvement with your treatment within a reasonable time frame? The Physiotherapist should be keen to monitor the clients’ progress and be willing to adjust their treatment protocol to maximize outcomes.
  6. Take a client-centered treatment approach. A physiotherapist may be a good technical practitioner, but an excellent RPT will continually strive to be caring, empathetic, and patient-centered in their treatment approach. 

Having a good physiotherapist is vital in ensuring you receive the best possible physical therapy, but it’s not the only factor. You should also make sure that your physiotherapist’s clinic is outfitted with the necessary high-quality equipment to ensure that you can effectively complete their treatment protocols. The facility should be clean, well-run and easy to work with.

Always remember that you are your own best advocate, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and demand better from your healthcare professionals. You deserve to feel better, and BodyMend is here to help.

Contact us at to book a physiotherapy appointment, or take a tour of our interdisciplinary clinic and see what BodyMend has to offer.

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