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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Recover from Injury

DSC_0278Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are, unfortunately, very prevalent, especially here in Southern Ontario where so many Canadians travel within the GTA and surrounding cities. For example, according to the Ministry of Transportation, Ontarians had over 44,000 motor vehicle collisions that resulted in a personal injury in 2010.

While that number has decreased steadily since the 80s, a huge number of people are still impacted.  Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident should seek medical help immediately – even if you don’t think anything is wrong. Sometimes symptoms do not manifest right away, and it’s important to make sure you’re receiving the right medical care from the start.

Whiplash, broken bones, and muscle sprains are some of the MVA injuries we treat most often. Click here to learn more about common MVA injuries.

Many MVA victims are prescribed physiotherapy by their physician. Physiotherapists are dedicated to working with you to create a treatment plan that will help mend you back to better health. Physiotherapy focuses on increasing your strength, range of motion, and flexibility, as well as assisting you in the return to the activities of daily living.

Where Does Chiropractic Care Fit In?

A chiropractor is a specialized doctor that performs non-invasive ‘adjustments’ to your spine to help relieve pain and stress.

Because of the rapid deceleration in typical car accidents, MVA injury victims often suffer from neck and back pain after their collision. Furthermore, sometimes the bones in the spine can become misaligned following an MVA, which can significantly delay recovery progress.

A chiropractor can be invaluable by dramatically reducing the pain as well as aligning any misaligned bones.

Some chiropractors, including here at BodyMend, have access to additional pain relief therapies:

Chiropractic care is part of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to healthcare that ensures patients receive well-rounded care.  With the expertise of multiple healthcare practitioners, such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and massage therapist, your rehabilitation will take place throughout your whole body.

A healthcare clinic that offers this full team approach is a great choice for MVA injury victims. Patients will receive more comprehensive, convenient, and coordinated care to help them along the path to optimal MVA recovery. Our team, for example, is able to prescribe, manage, and work together across specialties in order to achieve the best results for each and every client.

>> If you have suffered from an injury in a motor vehicle accident, please contact us to discuss how we can create a rehabilitation program specifically for you.

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