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Health Product of the Month: Solidea Shapewear

Solidea Shapewear2014 is beginning, and you’ve probably already made your New Year resolutions. Many of us are resolved to focus on our health and wellness in the year to come; for some of us, that involves bettering our diet, being more physically active, and losing weight.

Shapewear slims and shapes the body, helping you to feel and look your best as you work back to a better state of physical health. Be self-confident and look good as you work toward your health goals this year!

Solidea offers anti-cellulite and compression shapewear tailored to a range of targeted body areas.  These garments, made in Italy, have a body massage effect that helps stimulate microcirculation. They help your body reduce the appearance of cellulite, while providing sculpting compression at the same time.

We offer the full range of Solidea shapewear compression garments at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic. For January only, get 15% off the purchase of any Solidea product.

>> Start the New Year feeling confident as you tackle your health and wellness goals! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to book an appointment. Let us help you begin your wellness journey.