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Health Product of the Month: Posture Medic

As we pursue our health and wellness goals, our posture isn’t always top of mind. However, posture is a crucial component of the whole health picture.

Did you know that poor posture, such as slumped shoulders, can lead to painful, tense muscles and overall discomfort? Your posture affects your entire body. The health benefits of maintaining a good posture are immeasurable.

The Posture Medic is a simple, effective device that serves as a gentle reminder to maintain a healthy posture throughout your busy day.

It helps stretch the muscles of your upper chest, and strengthen the muscles of your upper back.

We are pleased to offer this product at BodyMend, available for only $35.00 + HST.

Those who attend our March event, Promoting Pain-Free Posture: Simple Stretches for Office Workers, will receive a 10% discount on this product. Get the event details here.

>> If you’re interested in the Posture Medic, or have any questions about maintaining your health and wellness, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Posture Medic

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