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Health Product of the Month: Hot and Ice Therapeutic Gelpacks

Therapeutic gelpacks are available through BodyMend! Our gelpacks are versatile, non-messy, and low cost. They are a favourite of our health practitioners for pain relief, treatment of acute and chronic injuries, and promoting relaxation.

Common uses for ice applications include: treatment of acute injuries such as bruising, sprains, strains, swelling, and headaches. Gelpacks are also convenient for keeping food cool in lunch bags.

Common uses for hot applications include: treatment of chronic injuries, pre-exercise, relief of pain, cramping, and the promotion of relaxation for stiff muscles and joints.

Click here for more in-depth information about whether hot or ice therapy is better for your injury.

Dimensions of our small gelpacks are 5 x 7”. The outer layer of the gelpack does not have ink to come in contact with skin, which makes it ideal for therapeutic use. The packs are made of high grade, puncture- resistant plastic designed for multiple uses, for both hot and cold treatments.  

These therapeutic hot/cold gelpacks are custom made for the BodyMend Wellness clinic, and are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Our gelpacks are regularly sold at $4.00 each.  For a limited time this holiday season take advantage of the savings and purchase your gelpack at $3.50 each (HST included) or 3 for $9.00. They are available in clear or green gel colours. 

>> A perfect gift of healing for the holiday season! Contact BodyMend today!

Therapeutic Gelpacks