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Fall Leaves and Sick Leaves

Fall. That time of year when you unpack your flannel PJs, put away your bathing suit, and prepare for the icy purgatory that is the Canadian winter. On the bright side, you can buy a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks, find fresh apples in abundance, and curl up in the cozy comfort of a thick wool sweater with a good book.


Unfortunately, fall also brings autumn leaves to rake; piles of plant detritus that conspire with wet weather and wind to fill stairwells, clog storm drains and slicken concrete walkways. Raking up these leaves can lead to back strain or injury. Between the cooler weather increasing the likelihood of colds and flu, and back injuries from raking and shovelling, it’s no wonder sick leaves are higher in the fall and winter.

If you’re unfortunate enough to injure your back raking leaves, you might need physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic care to help alleviate your pain or discomfort. BodyMend can help, and if you have extended medical benefits from your company’s group insurance plan, these services might even be free, or at the very least, partially covered.

All Canadians have health insurance coverage. The various provincial governments provide public health insurance plans through programs like OHIP, but private insurance companies also sell policies to individuals and to businesses, unions and associations that act as group insurance sponsors. These privately-purchased health insurance plans almost always provide extended healthcare coverage for things not typically covered by government health insurance plans.

These plans usually include:

  • prescription drugs/medicines;
  • semi-private or private hospital accommodation
  • special nursing services;
  • ambulance services
  • travel medical insurance Canada
  • medical appliances (wheel chairs, bionic legs, canes, scooters)
  • specified medical or paramedical services that fall outside government plans (e .g., services from chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists)
  • eye care (eyeglasses and contact lenses and the optometrists who prescribe them)

The “defined benefits” from these plans typically renew with the calendar year, so if you have extended medical coverage, come January 1st, your coverage cycle may begin again. To ensure that you’re able to take maximum advantage of the benefits to which you are entitled, check with your plan’s group benefits administrator to see if you have any unused benefits left on your plan for 2015.

If you do, talk to your doctor about a prescription for chiropractic care, physiotherapy or massage, as these services are often covered when prescribed by a physician. Then talk to us; BodyMend has an amazing team of interdisciplinary health practitioners who want to help mend you back to better health.

Email us at to set up an appointment.

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