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Daylight Accident Time

Last weekend we switched from daylight savings time back to standard time. Every year, the switch to, or from daylight savings time results in an increase in traffic accidents. There are a number of compounding factors that explain this uptick in car crashes; sleep deprivation, extra alcohol consumption, and most importantly, additional darkness during the commute.


For people not used to driving in the dark, reduced nighttime visibility can affect their ability to see obstacles like pedestrians, or even correctly judge the relative speed of approaching vehicles. But there might also other factors unrelated to visibility.

The changes in sleep pattern and circadian rhythm created by a time change can affect a person’s level of alertness, making them less able to deal with a potential emergency on the road, or even just the fatigue of a long day at work. Massage therapy around the time change may help to minimize the fatiguing effects of these sleep-pattern and circadian-rhythm changes, and maximize the amount and quality of sleep. A variety of studies conducted from the 1970s until as recently as this year have proven a strong correlation between massage therapy and sleep.

A 1992 study that looked at anxiety in child and adolescent psychiatric patients found that massage significantly improved the quality and duration of sleep:

A 30-minute back massage was given daily for a 5-day period to 52 hospitalized depressed and adjustment disorder children and adolescents. Compared with a control group who viewed relaxing videotapes, the massaged subjects were less depressed and anxious and had lower saliva cortisol levels after the massage. In addition, nurses rated the subjects as being less anxious and more cooperative on the last day of the study, and nighttime sleep increased over this period. Finally, urinary cortisol and norepinephrine levels decreased, but only for the depressed subjects. (

While you can’t do anything about the lack generique du cialis of nighttime visibility created by the shift away from daylight savings time, massage therapy can help you ensure that you’re getting the best sleep possible to deal with its effects.

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