Our Team

Meet our interdisciplinary, certified team of Brampton healthcare practitioners.

We respect your unique health needs and are dedicated to working collaboratively with you, “mending you back to better health”.

Our caring and professional health practitioners will take the time to meet with you, assess your health situation, and create a plan for healing that works for you.

As interdisciplinary health team members, our practitioners are respectful of each other’s skills and expertise. They go the extra mile of service to consult with and refer to each other, in order to offer care that will help you best meet your health needs.

It is our pleasure to present BodyMend’s practitioners:

Brampton healthcare practitioner


Registered Massage Therapist
Contemporary Medical Acupuncturist

Jason wears multiple “hats” at the BodyMend Wellness Clinic. He is a registered practitioner for massage therapy and contemporary medical acupuncture. It has always been his passion to help people achieve better health. He enjoys seeing people feel better about themselves, teaching clients about their bodies and how things work. He is committed to discovering the reasons for injuries and working with clients to help the healing process.


Registered Nurse
Certified Infant Massage Teacher

As a registered nurse she has led a passionate career in the field of health promotion and public health, specializing in the area of child and reproductive health and working with the diverse families that live in Peel Region. 

The journey towards optimal health can, and should, be started from the very beginning of life. Choosing to take simple, yet conscious steps to living a healthy lifestyle are key to feeling better and achieving a better quality of life. Leah shares this philosophy with parents and caregivers of young children, as a Certified Infant Massage Teacher. The baby massage classes offered are designed to teach safe and specialized techniques to promote the health of babies, right from the start.